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Our organization ETI (English Teaching in Israel) was established to respond to the great shortage of certified religious-male English teachers in Israel. ETI offers certification by Misrad Hachinuch for teaching positions, enabling men like you to quickly train and become professional English teachers. In the past, many did not enter this field because professional training was expensive and time-consuming. Now, in just under a year, you can train at no cost and receive certification. ETI is your opportunity to live in Eretz Yisrael, earning a respectable income while remaining in a Torah environment.

ETI provides a fast and a fully reimbursed pathway to becoming a certified English teacher in Israel. We offer two tracks to certification, enabling participants to take advantage of this great opportunity.

The first ETI track will operate in affiliation with Michlalah Jerusalem College Men’s program. It provides English teacher certification for those who have an academic degree from a recognized institution.

The second ETI track is for those who do not have a recognized BA. These students can earn a BA with teaching certification in Kodesh and English.

There is an upfront cost to the program, but you will receive reimbursement scholarships that exceed the cost of the tuition once conditions are met. Additional financial incentive for the first ten applicants. You must apply before May 20 to be eligible.

Near Fluent English-speaking Ben Torah. You can apply regardless of your place of birth or academic background.

ETI is only two days (evenings) per week of class time. One day is on Zoom and the other is on the Michlalah campus in Bayit V'Gan. The program will finish in January of 2024.

You can teach full or part-time, keeping a full seder or pursue other work opportunities. And as certified teachers are in demand in all school systems, it’s a great opportunity to enter the world of Chinuch. You will also have the opportunity to further advance your educational career with great subsidies — active teachers are eligible for funding to complete their undergraduate or graduate degrees. Graduates will be provided assistance in job placement.

Call or message 054.899.6878. You can also email us at

Some of the scholarships for the program require participants to commit to teaching English upon completion of the program. While degree recognition is not required to apply, participants must submit copies their degree and transcripts to be appropriately advised as to degree recognition prospects. See full terms and conditions in the application packet.

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